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Health and Safety Checklist At Home

Wednesday June 24th, 2020 • By Discovery Designer

Staying vigilant is probably one of the most important things to do in this pandemic, besides limiting your movement to the walls of your own home. We can never be too complacent when it comes to our safety, so we came up with a simple 4-step checklist for overall home health and safety.


Get up to date and informed from reputable sources like the World Health Organization and…

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These Travelers Told Us Where You Should Go Next

Wednesday June 10th, 2020 • By Discovery Designer

Close your eyes and imagine this.  You’re getting off the plane, luggage in hand, anticipating a 5-day vacation in a place you’ve always dreamed of exploring. The smell of local cuisine tickling your taste buds — you can’t wait to try it. The exhilarating views from your hotel window. The sound of waves waking you up in the morning. Ahh, seems like a perfect escape from “reality…

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Experience Arriving at NAIA (Under Quarantine)

Wednesday June 3rd, 2020 • By Discovery Designer

Just got in last night from the US, and a couple of people have asked me about how it was going through NAIA with the new plan in place (i.e. mandatory swab test and hotel quarantine for everyone until their results are released) so I figured I’d write it down in case anyone else wants to know! This was my experience last May 26, 2020 at NAIA Terminal…

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How To Travel Safe

Tuesday May 26th, 2020 • By Discovery Designer

While there’s no assurance on when we can resume traveling for leisure, we must still be wary of certain adjustments that we would need to do when we travel in the near future. Best to keep these tips in mind to ensure that you travel safely.
Washing and Sanitizing at All Times
Staying protected against the virus will always entail practicing good hygiene and frequent sanitation. For starters, invest…

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Staycation Backgrounds For Your Next Zoom Call

Tuesday May 12th, 2020 • By Discovery Designer

We bet you are using your Zoom more often than before. The world has been introduced to meetings virtually to stay connected as we practice social distancing. Whether it’s for your work meetings, game nights, happy hour, or workout sessions, our trusty videoconferencing apps has helped us get things done, or just basically catch up.

But with the pressure of keeping your workspaces presentable for your boss and colleagues…

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4 Tips to Keep Food Safe

Monday May 11th, 2020 • By Discovery Designer

Thinking of cooking up something tasty in the kitchen? It’s time to ensure that the food that nurtures and powers you is not only delicious but also safe for consumption. Explore these guidelines that can help you safely cook and store your food.

Safe food always starts with promoting cleanliness. Personal hygiene that comes in simple acts like washing your hands before, during, and after preparation of food and…

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5 Secrets to Make Your Bed Like a Hotel

Monday May 4th, 2020 • By Discovery Designer

Imagine perfectly clean, crisp, and well-fitted sheets that bring out the cozy ambiance of your bedroom.  There’s nothing that could bring me more joy after a long day’s work than coming home to a well-made bed.  Lucky for you we have listed down 5 simple steps that could help you achieve this hotel-like luxury. 

Place the fitted sheet around the mattress and tuck it into…

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DIY Paper Flower Bouquet for Mom

Monday May 4th, 2020 • By Discovery Designer

This year, honor the most special woman in your life with a sweet handmade gift. Show your love by crafting your own paper flower bouquet. Add a personal touch and customize your creation with flowers that best describe your mom.  We have rounded up the steps below:

STEP 1: Choose 3 flowers that best characterizes your mom and create them by following the videos below. The size of your bouquet…

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Refresh Your Bedroom To Make It Hotel-Like

Monday April 27th, 2020 • By Discovery Designer

One of the things that we love about traveling is the ambiance and experience of staying in the hotel. The fresh and fluffy sheets, the luxury that it feels, it’s one of the pleasures in traveling that we all miss.

While we can’t book a stay in one now, and you probably have more time in your hands and are looking for a fresh environment, why not remake…

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Cocktails You Can Do at Home

Friday April 24th, 2020 • By Discovery Designer

We bet you miss happy hour and all the fun that it brings! But while we help save the world by staying home, we confine ourselves and postpone those trips to bars and clubs. We asked our in-house sommelier to share with us easy and classic cocktail recipes you can mix so you can bring the party at home, digitally.



45mL Amaretto
45mL Black Label



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22 Prime Intimate Gatherings






  • COZY AND HOMEY. This was our 6th or 7th stay and the staff is still very accommodating. The location is strategic being right beside convenience stores, mall, and restaurants… I can say we plan to make it a habit to greet the new year here.”

    feetdraggerdoctor, Tripadvisor

  • OUTSTANDING AND FRIENDLY SERVICE. The service at the facility is outstanding from arrival to departure. Any thing you ask for is done promptly and with a smile. The gym is pretty good with all the requirements of a hotel gym, with sauna, personal trainers and group classes.”

    gdogs2, Tripadvisor

  • FABULOUS LOCATION AND SUPERB STAFF. The suites themselves are excellent with modern self catering facilities, fabulous bathrooms, comfy beds and exceptionally clean. The location is great for the CBD and restaurants and malls are all close by.”

    AdrianM853, Tripadvisor

  • COMFORTABLE HOME AWAY FROM HOME. I stayed in the Discovery suites hotel for 7 weeks in March and April while in Manila for work. And it was very easy for me to start calling it home after a few days! The location is great – podium mall across the street, Starbucks next door and across the street, megamall and Robinson’s galleria only a couple of blocks away.”

    pconneen, Tripadvisor