(English) Things You Can Do Before the Holidays Officially End

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In the Philippines, the holidays do not end until the next occasion that is Valentine’s. By January, many of us still have a number of gatherings to attend, plus an evident hangover from all the merrymaking and relaxation. No need to switch your holiday mode off just yet, because here are a couple of things you can enjoy before bidding the holidays goodbye.

1. Clearance Sale

Now that Christmas has passed, malls and stores are a haven for shopaholics as just about everything goes on sale. During this time, clothing, gadgets, and a lot more are being cleared out of shops to give way for new product arrivals, so you can expect huge price drops and great buys when you shop.

2. Last-minute Holiday Staycation

If you’ve been too busy planning parties and buying gifts last Christmas, you can hold onto the holidays a little bit more for some relaxation. Our holiday offer still stands until the end of January, which you can book for a last-minute staycation before officially going back to another year’s grind. Now that the holiday rush is over, you get to enjoy your me-time in a more peaceful and laid back environment.

3. Fresh Dining Offerings

In the spirit of New Year, pubs and restaurants usually introduce delicious new specials and fresh deals that you can try out with friends and family. For example, 22 Prime just released its newest choice cut of the quarter, SRF Wagyu Top Blade with Crab Fat Risotto and Kimchi. You’ll be surprised how the luscious meat is perfectly complimented with the rich flavors of Crab Fat and Kimchi. They would also give you recommendations on which wines go best with your meal.

We are obviously hung up on the holidays and can’t let go just yet. If you’re one of us, feel free to indulge one last time. After all, there’s a whole new year ahead and it’s best to start it with a full heart, stomach, and shopping bag.

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