4 Exceptional Women in Power

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Thursday March 5th, 2020 •

In celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day, we put the spotlight on four exceptional Discovery leaders who have made a name for themselves by challenging the norm.  These women hold some of the top leadership positions in the property and are considered to have greatly impacted the hotel’s promise of providing “Service That’s All Heart”.  To know more about these brilliant #GirlBosses and how they manage their different roles, continue reading below.


  1. Alex Puen, Reservations and Revenue Manager

Growing up, Alex believed that it was very much evident that we lived in a patriarchal society.  Given frequently used phrases and terms such as “Man of the House” and “It’s a Man’s World”, she concluded that women were always taught to simply follow, although she hoped for a different fate.  She has always acknowledged that women can do anything, as time has proven that they are both intelligent and strong. When she was promoted as the Reservations and Revenue Manager for Discovery Suites, she disputed the status quo by proving that a sympathetic leadership style also works. Today, she continues to knock down societal norms by promoting a good balance between a strong leadership and maternal instincts. Attesting to the fact that having emotion and showing concern does not entail weakness, she says “Women always have two sides and we don’t have to be ashamed of having a soft, motherly side.”


  1. Kris Arciaga, Banquet Sales Manager

Much like any employee, Banquet Sales Manager, Kris Arciaga has to constantly navigate through the rough waters of work-life balance. Juggling the responsibilities of being a mom and a manager is no easy task as she is frequently caught in between her priorities. Luckily, she is able to keep the balancing act on these two distinctly challenging roles with the help of the many empowered women who stood before her.  She gives credit to the current generation for being able to accept and adapt into a more modern approach of employment.  While the journey is not always smooth sailing, she would always find indescribable joy and fulfillment in carrying out the daily responsibilities entailed.  To her, being a mother is one of the best things about being a woman because she has gained more meaningful insights which she uses to touch lives in and outside of work. This is why she believes that “Women are also adequately capable of leading because they have a distinct combination of drive, passion and heart to succeed.”


  1. Kim Bacallo, Front Office Manager

We have heard that a woman’s intuition is just a myth but for Front Office Manager, Kim Bacallo, she begs to differ as she states that it is real and it has definitely got to be one of the best parts about being a woman. Admittedly she relies on this, using a mix of both external and internal cues when it comes to big decision-making. As her job title often requires her to give a firm direction, she claims that this more often than not this becomes the root of challenging disagreements about women’s leadership roles. People generally tend to question a woman’s ability to make crucial decisions but because of this, women are pushed to rise above any occasion. Now she believes that “We women are limitless.  We take care and take charge at the same time.”


  1. Gwen Contreras, Director of Food & Beverage

Having been in the hospitality industry for over 18 years, it was no surprise to many when Gwen was appointed as the Director of a male-dominated Food and Beverage Department for Discovery Suites. She had an immense problem-solving ability coupled with a creative mind and a magical leadership touch to which she attributes to being a woman.  She notes that being a woman gave her the liberty to express herself fully which she thinks is essential in inspiring and training a new set of leaders.  Ultimately for her, she believes that what makes a great leader is being able to adapt to different roles which she believes is innate in every woman.  It is no question that Gwen has become one of the pillars for service in Discovery Suites and she differentiates women leaders by believing that “We naturally care and value relationship.  That enables us to have a strong understanding of what drives and motivates people.”

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Thursday March 5th, 2020 • By Discovery Designer




  • COZY AND HOMEY. This was our 6th or 7th stay and the staff is still very accommodating. The location is strategic being right beside convenience stores, mall, and restaurants… I can say we plan to make it a habit to greet the new year here.”

    feetdraggerdoctor, Tripadvisor

  • OUTSTANDING AND FRIENDLY SERVICE. The service at the facility is outstanding from arrival to departure. Any thing you ask for is done promptly and with a smile. The gym is pretty good with all the requirements of a hotel gym, with sauna, personal trainers and group classes.”

    gdogs2, Tripadvisor

  • FABULOUS LOCATION AND SUPERB STAFF. The suites themselves are excellent with modern self catering facilities, fabulous bathrooms, comfy beds and exceptionally clean. The location is great for the CBD and restaurants and malls are all close by.”

    AdrianM853, Tripadvisor

  • COMFORTABLE HOME AWAY FROM HOME. I stayed in the Discovery suites hotel for 7 weeks in March and April while in Manila for work. And it was very easy for me to start calling it home after a few days! The location is great – podium mall across the street, Starbucks next door and across the street, megamall and Robinson’s galleria only a couple of blocks away.”

    pconneen, Tripadvisor