Non-Cliche Valentine’s Date Ideas

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Thursday February 7th, 2019 •

It’s the most romantic time of the year and everyone’s calling dibs on table reservations in fancy restaurants, bouquets of blood red roses, and all the typical cliche Valentine’s things. Valentine’s happens every year though, and we have to admit we’d very much like to do something new, or at the very least add a little twist to the classic Valentine’s date night. Here are some ideas that might be fun.

1. Unlimited Food, Booze, and Conversations

Take a detour from prim and proper dining and have a little fun. On February 13 and 15, Dr. Margie Holmes, a famous psychologist in the Philippines, will be at Discovery Suites to talk and answer questions about relationships, intimacy, and anything in between over unlimited food and booze. No shame, no filter, just good vibes. While you stuff your bellies with delicious grub, take the chance to laugh and learn about your relationship. There’s a lot to explore in life, love, and lust and who knows what you’ll discover on this exciting night?

2. Home-Cooked Dinner

If you’re a sucker for chick-flicks, a cooking date would make for the perfect chick-flick moment. Smudge your faces with flour, spill some sauce, burn the toast, and laugh about it, or dance around as with your kitchen light as your disco ball, as some mainstream love song would say. By the time you’re finished, you’ll either end up having a nice, delicious dinner, or with some Chinese take-out to enjoy on the couch while watching Netflix. Either way, your chick-flick-like cooking date would be one for the books.

3. Trip to the Arcade

We’re all kids at heart one way or another and a trip to the arcade sounds like fun. Bask in nostalgia with your childhood favorites, whether it’s race car driving, basketball, or the claw machine. Arcade tickets may have been digitized but nothing feels better than coming home with a stuffed animal or a bag of candies as a product of your rusty arcade skills. You can also try the new virtual reality games that kids are crazy about these days, just don’t forget to take that photo booth picture to remember that day by.

4. Breakfast

Who says Valentine’s is just for dinner dates? Get up a little bit earlier in the name of love, and go out for a breakfast date with your special someone. Just imagine the smell of pancakes and the bright, warm morning sun on your skin. Clink glasses of refreshing mimosas and put each other in an extraordinarily good mood for the long day ahead. Breakfast places are all around the city and are ever-ready to serve you a bright, hearty breakfast on Valentine’s.

5. Karaoke Marathon

Self-explanatory. Most if not everyone in this country would be down for karaoke, so why not go for Valentine’s? Anything can be romantic when you’re in love, even if you’re just singing your hearts out over cold booze and comfort food while all the other couples are off to fancy restaurants in suits and cocktail dresses. Your Instagram stories would definitely stand out.

No need to be cliche this Valentines. Go and do something fun and exciting with your special someone. Think about the unforgettable memories you’d be telling your grandkids one day.

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